IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician - Registration Number 158661

We provide the carpet Steam cleaning in Melbourne and surroundings area. We also provide carpet cleaning service after end of lease cleaning. Once you move out of your house we can make the carpets as fresh as before the tenancy started.

We have cleaned the dirtiest carpets so far, where the students are living in sharing and lots of stains on the carpet. We give our best try to remove each stain from the carpet. We can also patch the carpet if the carpet has iron mark on it. Our machine is portable and has strong vacuum motors so it sucks 98 % of the moisture from the carpet. We follow the Australian standards for carpet Steam cleaning Melbourne. Our Steam cleaning machines are manufactured in Australia and manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of Australian weather. Our Portable machine is so convenient to work with that we can clean the multi storied building's apartment carpets by taking the machine up to the respective floors.

Clean to shine - expert in Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne wide.

Carpet cleaning is a skill which can only be developed by experience. If you think that you can hire the carpet cleaning machines from the supermarkets and do it easily - is your wrong perception. The hired machines have common carpet cleaning detergents, which only removes some particular dirt or stains. No detergent is made in the carpet industry so that we can use it on all types of carpets. Each carpet has different specification of its fibre, bonding, coloring method, etc..

The products in the markets are sold to remove the stains, but that also seems not working on all stains. So why not choose one experienced carpet cleaner who will be working on little extra cost than hiring the supermarket machines.

Please visit our Gallery page to see our video and photos of carpet steam cleaning. We provide the service all area. Please call us to get more information and get quote.

Our strong water vacuum pump is so strong that it washes all the part of the carpet and removes dirt, rigid stains and our sanitising detergents helps the carpet to be sanitised. We also use pet urinal odor removal solutions to remove bed odor.

If you're moving house or having a spring clean, we also offer several house cleaning packages

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