Carpet cleaning is a skill which develops through profound experience and in-depth knowledge about different materials and cleaning agents. At Clean and Shine, we have professionals who know how to clean different kinds of carpets in least amount of time possible. When cleaning carpets, we only keep two things in mind- the fibres of your carpet do not get damaged during the process and the natural look of your carpet is restored in the least time possible. Our carpet cleaning South Morang is more than 6 years old, and throughout our operational period, we have served over hundreds of clients. They know our dedication very well, and we leave no stone unturned to keep up their faith.

When clients ask that what really separates out clean and Shine from the crowd, we simply say, it is our honest and dedicated approach. We understand that you spend your hard earned money on the carpets and other house decorating items. You spend hours behind choosing the right carpet colour and design for your living space. For this reason, we always give priority to the safety of your carpets, by working on a way to keep up its natural feel. Carpets come in different sizes and are made up of different materials.

No matter if your carpet is made up of silk, wool, jute, or synthetic fiber, we have developed different techniques for different materials. While mild detergent and less powerful vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning silk and woolen carpets, jute and synthetic fiber made carpets demand strong cleaning agent. To make sure you do not have to wait for hours to get the trapped moisture out of the carpet, we make use of really effective vacuum cleaners, which can take away almost 98 percent of the dampness. Hence, once we clean the carpet and leave, it is ready to be used. This is the reason why we get a lot of calls for our carpet cleaning South Morang.


In case you think that availing our carpet cleaning will cost you hundreds of Australian dollars, then you really need to contact our customer support department. Clean and Shine is not here to make loads of money, but to make your lives better. We provide carpet cleaning South Morang professionals at really affordable rates, so that you can keep your home clean all the time. It is more important to pay heed to the cleanliness of carpets, as over the time, they become shelter for various kinds of bacteria, moulds and mites. These elements can cause a wide range of respiratory diseases and even skin infection.


Yes, we are available 24×7 for our clients. If anytime you feel that your carpet needs cleaning, no matter if it is a residential building or a commercial space, we will provide our services any time. When your carpet is in our safe hands, you can be rest assured about the fate of your carpet. Try our carpet cleaning South Morang once, you will never regret.