Maintaining the beautiful look of a home, or the aesthetic and neat appearance of an office, is something we are quite expert at. Since 2009, our company Clean and Shine has rightly maintained its philosophy of providing carpet cleaning Thomastown services at affordable rates. In Thomastown, there are more than dozens of organizations and hundreds of residents that seek our cleaning services. Without any doubt, we have been quite successful in maintaining a high level of satisfaction among our esteemed clients.

The strong reputation our company has earned is mainly due to the experience our professionals have. In addition, people find it easier to trust on ours because we are one of the IICRC certified carpet cleaning companies in Thomastown. Well, IICRC stands for the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

When it comes to clean carpets at offices and residential buildings in Thomastown, Clean and Shine make sure that you do not have to waste your time. After the carpet is cleaned, it usually happens that due to the moisture content in the carpet fibre, it becomes difficult to walk on the carpet. As a result, you usually have to wait until the moisture goes away. However, with our Thomastown Carpet Cleaning, you will not have to face such a problem. We make use of carpet cleaning techniques that are quite different from the standard ones. Our cleaning process leaves up to 80 percent less moisture on your carpet when compared to other steam cleaning techniques.

One more reason people like our Carpet cleaning in Thomastown is that we completely remove potentially dangerous bacteria, germs, as well as mould during the process of cleaning. We also clean the carpets in a way to remove all the harmful agents that cause Asthma. So, our services are not just about cleaning your carpets, but to make your life healthier and better. Once the process of cleaning is one, we leave behind tidy and fresh smelling carpets. This is how Clean and Shine, bring smile in the lives of people living in Thomastown.


We can clean almost all sorts of carpet, such as cut pile, level loop pile, patterned loop pile, etc. We are also quite experienced in end of lease cleaning. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company in Thomastown that can make end of lease cleaning easy for you, particularly the carpets, we have the most efficient team for you. Our team can finish the entire cleaning task in the least amount of time, so that you can focus on other important things while vacating the commercial or residential space.


So, if you are in need of carpet cleaning in Thomastown, either for your office or home, Clean and Shine can really help you out. Be it for a normal cleaning purpose or end of lease cleaning, you just have to give us a call, and we will be at your service in no time.